Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun, Fun , fun under the sun

Its been awhile since the last time we went to Anilao, Batangas. Luckily, Mama Susie decided to celebrate her birthday at the beach last weekend. (yeah, we could dive!!!) Its been three years since the last time we went diving.

We arrived at the resort just before the sunset. It was breathtaking, I took some photos and Glen took more photos and of course much much more spectacular than mine. Zid decided to plunge into the water without letting me change him into his swimsuits. I wasn't even able to change my outfit. (Photo above taken by Glen, below from my camera)

The next day, I woke up at 6am for kayaking while waiting for our scheduled dive. I'm not too excited, I woke up earlier than my alarm. Our Dive guide arrived an hour late, which is okay since Glen is still asleep and I have a dose of snorkeling in front of the beach. Its so much fun to see beautiful fishes up close and personal again. There are lots of jelly fish and I saw one that is really strikingly beautiful and dangerous at the same time. It could really sting you so bad.

The dive went well and we were down for 36 mins at Daryl Laut. Its a sunken restaurant in the Mabini bay. I really don't like that dive site but Glen wanted an easy dive for us to check our skills in bouyancy and endurance in diving. So it was an easy dive but the visibility was not really clear. I still enjoyed it and it still bring so much joy in my heart. Now, I'm looking forward to our next dive. When could it be, I just hope not next year.
Before and after dive photos.
Thanks for visiting. Hope you had a great weekend too.


JoEllyn said...

Love the pics Jona!!!! Glad you got to go dive!!!! Love the pic of you and Zid!!!

just lisa said...

Looks like you all had fun!! Beatuiful pictures!!

Congrats on the new DT!!!

TraceyT said...

You've got some fabulous shots here. Looks like a great time.

Maybelle said...

Wow! Great way to spend summer!!! Sarap!

Blueyecicle said...

Oh Jona can I come live with YOU!! Love that shot of your sun and you know what? Your beautiful woman!