Monday, August 29, 2011

One Fine Day

Its another beautiful day!  And finally, the storm has passed!  Thank you so much for the the gift of sunshine!

It really feels like royalty sitting in this chair with my prince.  Here's a page inspired by my creative sketches.  I love mixing papers and I was able to mix three manufacturers here.  I guess I do miss the challenges in the some scrapbook forums.
Supplies: Cardstock- American Craft, Patterned papers - Ocotber afternoon, pink paislee, best creation, flowers - inkido, ribbons - american craft, websters pages, bling - prima.

 Thanks for the visit.  Have a great day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Altered Box

Another trash turned to treasure.  I saved the box before it went out in the garbage and viola!  a total transformation.
I played with some scraps from Inkido and lots of Inkido blooms.  I should be saying Papercraft Scandinavia instead.  Inkido united with Lady Bug &  Its a great union indeed and I'm sure my Scandinavian friends will cross the border very soon enough!  Check out the site!
Now, housing my threads

Thanks to my dear friend, Audrey for pointing out to me about Lessology.  They are having a DT call right now.  I love to turn trashes into artsy treasures.  I love to think green and at the same time helping Mother Nature with my craft!

Thanks for the visit and before you throw things out,  imagine what you can do with it first! 
Hugs, Jona

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some news on a wednesday!

Hey there!!!  First I want to share that  I have finished my altered book.  Yeay!!!
I adorned it with Inkido papers and blooms.  Here's the book opened with some prayer notes inside.

a close up on the blooms in the corner

I would like to create another one that is if I can have the more patience in cutting the pages or I guess I should get a new cutter much better than the one I used on this one.

Secondly,  Inkido and Lady Bug and merge into one company -  Papercraft Scandinavia.   One great union.  Check out the site and find out all the new products coming.  Just a hint,  you will love the new harmony flowers and fashion flowers.  Believe me,  I can't wait to get my hands on them!

And lastly, here's my  desk this morning,  its clean  since a long weekend holiday is coming in my side of the world and I will be on staycation.  Of course,  I would love to play with my stuff then  but with the boys around,  I don't think so.  Only my finished lay-out and the book I am currently reading are on my table. I finished this lay-out on last night and so glad my little boy didn't touch it when  a box arrived for me.

 and a closer look on my lay-out:

Supplies: Patterned paper - October afternoon, best creation, chipboard - best creation, stickers - best creation.
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Have a great day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday Blessings

Seeing this at Two peas  made me smile!  Its my first!

Thanks for letting me share my simple joys and blessings with you!

Have a great week ahead!

A productive weekend

Its been a productive weekend for me. I was able to make two lay-outs. Secret?  Kiddo is away with grandma!  Yeay,  mommy got all the me time!!!  I was able to finish my grocery, a visit to my best friend,  movie date with hubby,  night cap with hubby and lots of scrappy time.  Loved this weekend!  I do miss my grocery buddy though.  I know Zid had a great time too since I didn't get any calls from him.

Here's my lay-out inspired from the sketch at Get picky.

 isn't that gator so cute?
 I am also linking this boy page to Sandy's challenge #5.  Check out her blog and you will be impressed with my friend's creativity.
And here's my 2nd lay-out I finished this weekend,  hubby helped me in the photography and I guess he loved the design since he didn't made any comments.  He just smiled at it.

Thanks for the visit and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A work in progress

Hey there!   Its wednesday again.  I love wednesdays because its the middle of the week which means just two more days and its weekend again.  Don't we all love weekends. 

So, this is how my table looks like this morning,  its exam week and my son's reviewer is on top of my table for me to check if he did it right.  Oh,  and of course,  there's a transformers on my table. Don't ask who it is.  I have no idea.  I guess after reviewing he played again and placed his toy on my table. 
There's an old  readers digest book, I started to alter and haven't finished yet and the papers I want to play with it.  It really is a work in progress.

It  took me lots of patience to create the box using the book  and I think this will be the first and last book to alter.  Hopefully, next week I can share it with you.  I have finally scrapped the photo on my desk last week and its posted below this post.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Christmas in August

Supplies: Diecut paper - Making Memories,  patterned paper - Best Creation, Alpha - thickers, transparency - websters Pages, adhesive - helmars, best creation foam dots

Next thing you know, christmas is just around the corner.  Officially its only 131 days before Christmas as of this writing. 

Here's a lay-out I just finished this weekend for our last christmas page for 2010.   (I hope so!  I know there are lots of photos, I haven't reviewed and edited for scrapbooking.)


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Babe on a Wednesday

Its a beautiful day!  And a great day to scrap photos in my box.  I have to print new photos to scrap or else my backlog will be taller than me.  My nephew Bins  is just a month away on his first birthday in this lay-out  and now he is a stubborn 1 yr and 2 mos toddler.  Yes,  he is the boss!  He always get what he wants since he is the youngest and his older brothers just give in to him. 
Supplies: Patterned Paper - Best Creation Jubilee and Bella, alpha - sassafrass

I enjoyed playing with this color palette for a toddler page.  I really loved butterflies.  Its been a while since I joined online challenges and I missed it.  Now  with extra time,  I'm joining this page for Get Picky multi photo challenge this week.
And here's how my table and floor looks like after making this page: (haven't added the title here yet) There's another photo I have to scrap.  Its our christmas photo with Santa last December.  Christmas is around the corner again and I haven't scrapped this yet.
 the papers I used on my previous lay-out.  after this  all of them are back on the table.  I just pushed them away from the table that's why they are all scattered.  I just want to work on the papers I need for my current page.
Wondering why I am sharing my desk today? Visit Julia  and find out the latest scoops on other desks.  I know I don't regularly join in the fun but this time,  I'll try to keep up with everyone!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Darling Angels

Its been a year since I got together with the Darling Angels.  I miss them so much.  So now,  if I miss them,  I'll just scrap our photos and I guess this will trigger another get together for us and for more photos.  You know,  we love building memories even if our island days were over and its been 10 years.

I revisited my prima Donna Downey stamp in creating this page.  I also tried less expensive approach in my lay-out.  I used less patterned paper and used more handmade embellishments using my sizzix dies.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The first time I saw the Forever Summer collection of Inkido in real life,  I was stunned and I was wondering how can I cut this gorgeous paper?   I hate cutting papers when I really loved them.  Thanks to die cuts,  I don't have to cut my papers.  Just need some little creativity and viola,   a gorgeous lay-out.

I used sizzix frame, Tim Holtz alteration for the bird and cage die,  heart diecut from inkido and splashes of mixed media. I don't have any Cheery Lyn Designs Die cuts yet and I hope my page get notice for their call.
 some clustering:
 mixed media on a heart with background stamping:
 and a hidden journaling:
Be blessed everyone!

Have a great day!