Thursday, March 3, 2011

My 3rd Title and Sash

Eighteen years and one childbirth after,  I have earned my third beauty title.   It feels so good to feel like a beauty queen once again.
I know,  its my dream to become a Ms Universe  but since I am height challenged,  becoming a Junior Prom Queen,  Ms Sportsfest '93, and Best Muse 2010 would be enough for me.  Besides,  not all pretty girls  get a chance to win these titles.   ( I am just making myself happy!!! Please bear with me!)

For this lay-out,  I created my own diecut paper out of Websters Pages Spring Market line.   Eversince,  diecuts become a fad in scrapbooking,  I have made templates out of them  so that I can trace them to my own patterned papers  whenever I needed a diecut paper.  Saves me a lot of money  and makes a dent in my growing stash.

I used the blending tool to ink the edges.

a close up on the dress form from Dusty attic.  Its gorgeous, isn't it?
a cluster of flowers from Inkido.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  Off to enjoy a weekend with the family in Tagaytay.

Hugs, Jona


~Etoile~ said...

it's gorgeous, I really like the decoration on the side!

Staci said...

Gorgeous work!! And congrats on the beauty title, how exciting!!

LG said...

Wow! This is so eye-catching! Great job! Love the ribbons here