Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One World One Heart 2010


"A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view . . ." I just love this song from Alladin as he takes Princess Jasmine in a wonderful ride in his magic carpet.

And I am joining Lisa Swifka this year on her magic carpet ride for One world, One Heart. This is my second year to join in the fun of meeting new people, be inspired by their crafts and creativity.

I had learned so much last year and met lots and lots of new blogging friends and was so lucky to win this necklace from Chandra of " the next 40 years". Chandra is joining this year too!

And recieved this lovely card, from Nancy of All Pulped Out and an ATC from Waxela (Wa-shay-la) of Spirit Mama. I hope I get lucky again this year!!! But its not all about winning but the fun of meeting new friends and making this world smaller through blogging!

And for my giveaway this year, I will be sending these two ATC's I created for one lucky winner and these peace set for the 2nd winner
and lastly "Enjoy Life" to the 3rd winner.

TO ENTER: Just simply leave a comment on this post. I will be shipping internationally, so no worries!!! You are also welcome to leave any comments on my other posts but only comments on this post will be entered for the draw.

CLOSING DATE: I will draw my winners by random on February 16 but posting of comments will be closed on Feb 15 12 mn EST.

To my new blogging friends, welcome to my blog and let's have fun in this magic carpet ride!


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Sherry Goodloe said...

Thank you for stopping by and entering my OWOH giveaway as well. Good luck to BOTH of us *smiles*

Atypical Girl said...

Thank you so much for your giveaway!

Amy, OWOH #680/681

danit said...

I took a look at your former posts and your work is impressive. I would love wining your ATC cards.

LYNDY WARD said...

Greetings & Salutations,
I bet they are Fabulous ATC OWOH Giveaways!
Love your Wedding Photo!

Fly by my blog when you get a chance.
Forbidden Planet Giveaway #242 On The List @:

P.S. Wonderful Blog!

Cosmic Blessings, Lyndy Ward

Kelly said...

Great giveaway! Please enter my name! Pop over to my blog (#92 on the magic carpet) for a chance to win, too! :)

barb cabot said...

Your family photo is beautiful. Peace and Love to you and yours.
Barb Cabot

Regina said...

Swooping by from Alabama on my Magic Carpet Ride. Such an awesome adventure this is turning out to be. I never knew until this year that I could ride a magic carpet. So happy that Lisa invited me. Wonderful friends being found...so much artistic talent...and oh yes...several kindred spirits around.

Any gift that is made from or given from the heart from one to another is to me the PERFECT gift...please enter my name!!

When taking flight again on your magic carpet please come by Southern Ooaks # 760 and have a glass of Sweet Iced tea...look around and enter for one of my treasures from the heart.


SharDon Exclusives said...

I am meeting so many lovely blogs like yours and wanting to read each one line by line. I would love to be included in your drawing and hope you will stop by in your travels to sign up for my beaded bracelet giveaway.
Enjoy your flight,
Sharon (#52)


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I love ATCs - please enter me in your draw!

Barbara said...

I would just love to win your giveaway! Hello from Arkansas USA

geni said...

Hi Jona,
Nice of you to visit my OWOH blog (#7) at Loose Ends!
Thank you for the chance to become a happy owner of your giveaway.
Smiles from the Netherlands!

SueFitz said...

Beautiful work - I'm amazed at the wonderful items on all the sites. This is my first time I've taken part and am having a blast.

Please include me in your contest

#834 & #835

Sussie said...

This is my first year in OWOH so I hope I´ll be as lucky as you were last year and win something :)
Looking forward to see your two ATC´s. I do ATC´s as well!
Come and visit my blog :)
Susan, Sweden nr 821

bockel24 said...

I´m an ATC collector for years but don´t have any from the Philippines yet. Please add my name to your list and hop over to my blog if you haven´t been there yet. Good luck with OWOH!

Donna said...

Thanks for offering this great giveaway and Thanks so much for a chance to win! chiggerlane@aol.com

baukje said...

Please count me in.


Debby said...

Sweet!!! Love atc's..please include me in your giveaway.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would love to win your 2 ATCs. Can't wait to see what they look like. My OWOH giveaway is #79 on the magic carpet. Please stop by.

Angela Friend said...

You have a nice blog with a terrific giveaway! I would love a chance to win!
-Angela #64

Sabine said...

I would love it to have your ATCs in my collection. Please count me in.

Jingle said...

Your scrapbook pages are so cute! I would love to be entered to win your ATC's! I bet they are great, too!!! Thanks for offering a wonderful giveaway!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Your ATC's are wonderful!

Donna said...

Nice to meet you and visit your blog! Love this giveaway! I am having so much fun looking at all the wonderful blogs. I don't have a blog, due to arthritis I cannot type much at all but I enjoy surfing the net. Thank you for a chance to win.

Threadhead said...

Awesome ATC's....
greetings from ohio
OWOH #322

WondrousStrange said...

Lovely,lovely! I would love to be entered to win your wonderful gift!


Please stop by and enter my give away as well! I'm number 290.

Jenea said...

Yohoooo! I like it!!! Wish to all Big Good lUck!!! ;)

Deb said...

blog celebration & great giveaway, count me in!

Jeanie said...

These are lovely! Please enter my name in your drawing, and if you haven't already stopped at The Marmelade Gypsy (#906 on the magic carpet!), please come over and enter mine!

Diane said...

Lovely giveaway. Please count me in.

Alice Stroppel said...

love your ATCs Please enter my name. Please stop by my blog to sign up to win my crazy girl bracelet. ticket holder #807

Martina2801 said...

Gorgeous ATC`s, Jona!
I`m happy to have a chance of winning your wonderful giveaway.
Please visit mine as well (I´m number 17 !!!)
Thanks and best wishes
MARTINA from Stuttgart/Germany

Marina said...

Thank you for passing by my blog!
I love your ATC's! Beautiful colors and composition. Please enter me in the draw too.

Marina at CherryPieArtStamps dot com

Els said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog www.knutzels.nl. I love the OWOH event and have met so many people from all over the world.

tanya904 said...

Thanks so much I would be delighted to win any of your wonderful ATCS Thanks so much
Tanya #904 on the magic carpet ride

Lola said...

Hello from Canada! Your ATC's are lovely - I'd love to win. Your cakes are amazing, too! Visit me (#874) for a unique giveaway.

Jann said...

Beautiful ATCS--I love your photos, also! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and please enter me in your giveaway--so nice to meet you! Smiles, Jann

Gale said...

Hello from Texas! Those are lovely!

Thanks for visiting Scribbleprints! :-)

carylsrealm said...

Lovely atcs! Would love to be entered!

RR said...

Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

Nicks said...

What a wonderful gift. I will be back to have a proper look at your blog at my leisure.
Would love to see you over at my place
Please hop over and see me @
OWOH my gift!

Cath Ü said...

Please enter me in your draw...
Caths Blog

Cath Ü #640

Maggie R said...

I have so enjoyed meeting you and seeing your blog.Thanks for entering my name for a chance to win your fantastic prize...
Hope on the Magic Carpet and come over to my blog for a chance to win my beaded bracelet. I am #362 on the list.
This is such a fun time....
Thanks agasin

Anonymous said...

Please do enter me for a chance to win one of your lovely creations and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Lauren R said...

Hello, nice to meet you and visit your blog! Please enter me in your giveaway, Please visit my blog to enter #865!

Lori said...

These are just awesome ATC's! I would love to win one! Beautiful work!
Lori, #371

RobbinB said...

What a beautiful family you have, and your scrapbook ATC is great. Please enter me in your fabulous give away! And stop by #657 and say hello.


Beth M said...

Beautiful ATC's! Please include me in your drawing.

Kathy said...

I really like your work. You are very creative. Your family is lovely. You are blessed. If you get a chance, please visit my blog for a chance to win. http://quiltqueen-kathy.blogspot.com

MarissaDW said...

Hi Jona! What a small world! I was born in Manila and you received an card from Nancy who I happen to know. She is one of my circle of artisan friends in Toronto. Love your blog and would love to have a chance to win your ATC.


Ayala Art said...

Yor ATCs are beautiful!! Please count me in, I hope I get lucky.
I'm #317 in the list.
Greetings from California

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Hello from NW Arkansas! Please enter me in your fantastic drawing and be sure to stop by my blog for a chance to win, too. #56

Marie S said...

I love the picture of you and your son.
The ATC's are wonderful, please count me in!
I am OWOH #907.
Thank you for participating in OWOH.
So very nice to meet you.
Thanks and good luck!

slavetobeads.1000markets.com said...

Please put my name in for this great give away! slavetobeads@gmail.com
Thank you,

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

Your son is just so cute! I love ATC's! please count me in and don't forget to enter into my drawing too!

Gail B #900 from Nevada USA

Sigrid said...

A wonderful giveaway that you here raffled. I just try my luck at times you.
Would be glad if you do stop by and views with me.
My OWOH giveaway is #966 on the magic carpet.

Shona Cole said...

love those ATC's, I would be delighted to own one!

thanks for stopping by my giveaway, hope you come back by soon!

vintage wil said...

Great giveaway!!

Just Jenn Designz said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Please enter my name into your fabulous drawing for a chance to win.

Also, I would love for you to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway - #548.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Beautiful ATC's!!! I would love to be the winner! Please enter me and come on over and enter my giveaway too!

(#185 A Vintage Cottage Home)

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Lovely ATCs. Please enter me in the giveaway, and of course, you have been entered in mine too. Thanks for stopping by.

Antonella said...

I am having so much fun riding the magic carpet too! Love your ATCs, please enter my name and stop by mine when you get a chance - #234.
Hugs, Antonella :-)

Misti Ko said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your atcs

Anonymous said...

*´*•.¸ ★•*´*•Superb!•*´*•★¸.•*´*•

Please count me in!


Rich Witch

Please visit me for a chance to win a Most Magical Prize at:


*´*•.¸ ★ ¸.•*´*•*´*•.¸ ★ ¸.•*´*•

Gail said...

Hi, first, thank you for visiting my blog #977 and entering. Please entry me in your drawing for the ATCs
they will be lovely in my quilt studio.

Anonymous said...

*•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-*

How Marvelous!

Please count me in!


Gina Luna


*•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-**•: -:¦:-*

rochambeau said...

It is lovely to meet you here Jona!
Please count me in!!


luckygirlgifts said...

Those are so sweet.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Cari b.

Anonymous said...

Please include me in your giveaway....

Take care,
Donna from Maryland

cbee said...

So lovely ATCs! Perhaps you want to visit my OWOH too? # 763
Hugs, Caro

ischilly said...

Wunderschön! So etwas könnte ich hier gut gebrauchen! Da drücke ich mir mal selbst die Daumen!
Grüße Juliane §975 (965)

Sharon said...

Nice art work! do enter me in and then fly by to enter my giveaway!

Kathy Sprinkle said...

I'd love to win!
Thanks for an enchanting stop on the magic carpet!
Outrageous joy,
Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
#111 on the blog tour

Athena said...

Great giveaway! Thanks so much for having this. :) And if you haven't already, don't forget to stop by my blog for chances to win prizes, too! #318 on the magic carpet...

peggyapl said...

would love to win ATCs! i am from the Philippines too. maybe we can trade sometime

Melinda Cornish said...

I love atc's and yours are so pretty...thanks for including me in your giveaway and for entering mine! melinda

Mila said...

Hi Jonaks and thank you for stopping by :))! Your OWOH is simply gorgeous!!
Pls count me in ..I crossed my finger :)
I'm pleased to meet you and I'm pleased to have you here in Italy!
Have a wonderful day
Mila :)

Stitchety Grub said...

Cool giveaway please include me and come and see mine if you haven't already at #75

Pat de Verre said...

Bonjour from French Riviera,
Thank you to stop your magic carpet by my blog. The Lisa's OWOH giveaway is a great opportunity to discover different blogs and meet new friends.
Please, don't forget to add my name in your hat, I would be so happy to win.
Pat de Verre #923

Halle said...

Your work is beautiful! Stop by my giveaway if you haven't already #257

Cindy McMath said...

I like your style, and would love to win one of your prizes. Please enter my name in your draw - thanks so much!

Cindy :)

Shirley said...

The colours you have used in the ATCs are lovely!

JivesJools said...

Great work!
Please enter me in...Hope you have a great weekend!

Much Love

AlwaysInspired said...

Wonderful cards! Please enter me!
Please come and join in my magic carpet ride too!

maya said...

What a great give-away, please count me in!

greetings from the Netherlands.

Abby said...

Very sweet giveaway! Good luck in winning this year!

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Jona, "Kamusta" from a fellow filipina! It was nice to find your blog as there are so few of us trading ATCs! Yours are beautiful! I would be thrilled to win them and add to my collection-and if I don't maybe we can trade sometime! and if you haven't already, do drop by my blog too!
patsy.paterno (at) gmail.com

Sarah said...

Gorgeous giveaway! Thank you for the chance of winning!

Brianna said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Please enter me into your drawing. I hope I win! :]


Thespa said...

All of your atc's are great! If you ever want to do a swap sometime stop by and let me know, I would love to. I think enjoy life is my favorite.
Thanks so much for a wonderful giveaway, I'm so happy to have the chance to win.


stephanie said...

What a generous giveaway. How sweet of you! I’m enjoying visiting all these fabulous blogs this afternoon…

Aviya Glass said...

Beautiful ATc's! Gorgeous giveaway! Please count me in and do fly on by to #999 to enter my giveaway! xxx

Melodye said...

Oh what beautiful handiwork! Please count me in, and thanks for offering such a generous giveaway.

I invite you to visit my blog and enter my OWOH contest, as well.


The Lone Dollier said...

Aren't ATCs just the coolest?!!? I love yours. Please enter me.


S. said...

Great giveaway! Please add me to your drawing and thank you for your generosity.

Joy said...

I love your ATC style! They would look GREAT in my collection ;o)

Please add my name to the hat :o)

Regina said...

What pretty ATC's!!! Thanks for the opportunity to own them.

Regina :>

Jenxo said...

Hi Jona, thanks for stopping by my blog. I luuuurve your atcs and when i get more time i will visit your blog more thoroughly!

please enter me as i would love to win...cheers jenxo

Bonnie said...

I have heard of ATCs, but never seen one up close.

Pixiewinkle said...

Lovely ATCs! Please count me in. Enjoy your magic carpet ride. #276

Lady Artisan said...

Beautiful work! Welcome aboard OWOH--it's fun both to visit blogs and to enjoy all the guests that stop by.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier :D

Lady Artisan

julietk said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. OWOH is such a fun way to meet new bloggers.
I would be happy to win one of your cool ATCs please enter me in your draw too.

martha brown said...

Your ATCs are lovely!Please enter my name in your giveaway -- thank you!
~martha (#180)

Beadwright said...

Hello from Florence, Oregon USA. Your blog is so nice and your and your son are beautiful. Your giveaway is lovely and I would like to be counted in.

#350 on the magic carpet ride

Lost Aussie said...

Lovely ATC's - please count me in for your giveaway!

Robin said...

Those are so pretty, count me in please, and thank for entering my OWOH fine art photography too.

mandapanda said...

I love all those ATC's! What a great giveaway! Count me in! Hope you're enjoying the magic carpet ride so far!


Carol said...

I'd love to win some of your gorgeous ATCs.

Janice said...

What a fabulous giveaway. Please enter my name, thank you.

Susan said...

Greetings from Salem ! Such fun traveling by magic carpet to visit new and old friends. lovely giveaway please enter me too! Susan
I invite you to visit my blog giveaway I have fresh baked brownies and cinnamon tea prepared for my visitors! seasonalwhimsies.blogspot.com


Prpldy said...

Love your ATCs, they are all great! Thanks for the chance to win .

Ride your magic carpet on over and enter my giveaway when you have time.

Magic Carpet #460
Southern Illinois, USA
prpldy at comcast dot net

Dschrader said...

Your work is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

Knerten said...

Awesome giveaway, please count me in !
Brgds from Norway; OWOH no 451

True :) said...

HI Jona!
It is a true pleasure to meet you.
Thanks for offering such sweet candy!
Crossing my fingers and holding my breath!
You have an AWESOME blog!
I am now a follower. I would love it if you followed me too!
I am #458 on The "Carpet Ride".
Hope you will come check out my blog candy too!
You could win a high-end, handmade, artists greeting card plus surprise crafting goodies. I also have a $50.00 shopping spree to Embellish-Online blog candy going right now!
True :)

Maron said...

I would really LOVE to win the awesome atcs!! visit me at #220

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Of course I'd love to win one or two of your lovely ATCs :-) So please include me in your drawing!
Have fun riding that Magic Carpet!

Greetings from Germany,
Dagmar (#160 on the carpet)


PEA said...

Oh yes, please, enter my name for your lovely giveaway. I would so love to win one of your beautiful ATCs!! If you haven't already, come over to enter mine, I'm #116. Thank you:-) xox

laurel said...

Beautiful atc's. Count me in and thanks for your lovely comment on my OWOH giveaway.

Val said...

your ATCs are interesting. Pls enter me.

Micki said...

I would love to enter this wonderful giveaway and thanks fro visiting mine.

vesna said...

count me inks for visiting my blog.vesna

jenny said...

Your ATC's are just gorgeous - what a wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win.
Jenny x

Amanda31Gifts said...

Please enter me in your giveaway!! Thanks so much! Amanda


ps - visit me at # 1031, thanks!

Kristal said...

Hi, Thank you for stopping by Grace Goods for my OWOH giveaway!

I started making ATC's a few years back and throughly enjoyed it. However, somewhere between having two kids, I just quite making them. But I must start again! I know they are considered "mini" pieces of artwork, and yours are definitely that! They are stunning! Please toss my name into the hat (and I won't tell if you toss it in a few extra times~LOL!) These are really fantastic!

Isn't this a fun trip? There is so much eye candy to see!
Nice to meet ya!

Heather's Haven said...

What lovely gifts your offering! Please enclude me in your drawing and thanks for visiting my blog!

Jasmine said...

All of these Atc's are beautiful xJ

Rusted Wings said...

such a lovely offering!
please drop by my blog #774!

Valrie said...

Beautiful work you do. Love the cakes and your ATC's. Thanks for resting your carpet at my blog too! Would love to win one of your creations!

Happy gliding!


Lorraine said...

I love that so cute layout of your son and I like your elegant embellished style..gorgeous generous giveaway would love to win..thanks for visiting my blog

Ginny said...

Great job on the ATC's, amazing work!

Bev Coffaro said...

Great giveaway and your blog is beautiful. Please include me in your drawing.
visit www.alteredpaperarts.blogspot.com

Gini said...

Lovely ATC's!
Please count me in.

Thank you for visiting me on your magic carpet.
And Thank you so much for your generosity and I hope you have a wonderful year blogging with all your new friends.
Gini (Entry #1040)
A Little Bit of Shiny Blog

sewfunky said...

Really nice giveaway!
Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine.

Catherine said...

Love your giveaway thank you for stopping by my blog! this is a new experience and having a great time meeting so many creative beautiful people!
Blessings, Cat #1016

Sandi M said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and directing me to yours. Your ATC's are beautiful. I'd love to win any of them :)


Peggy said...

Beautiful and charming blog! So magical!!
A beautiful and stunning heart treasure !
I am traveling on my magic carpet ,my first year with OWOH flying from Connecticut.
My blog #937

Tina Wilson said...

what a great giveaway.very nice art work. thanks so much for the opportunity to enter the drawing. so delighted to meet you through this event. I hope you'll stop by my blog as well.

gentrified said...

This is oh-so-awesome! Please pick me from the Philippines. <3 I love your blog, btw. :)

Heather said...

Your ATCs are super. I'd love to have them to add to my collection. Please come by and visit my blog giveaway as well.
OWOH #978

Dorthe said...

Hello, and thanks for visiting me,
I love your ATC`s and would be happy to win eighter of them.
Thanks for stopping.


æ·lyn said...

Those are some beautiful ATC, extremely crafty and creative. I'd love to be included in your giveaway.

Do stop by mine when you get the chance.

OWOH #931

Emily said...

Beautiful artwork! Put me in the draw too. This is so great to meet new people! :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for dropping by!
Your designs are lovely, please enter my name too!



Red said...

___________xo ____ xo






angelandspot said...

Those are beautiful. angelandspot(at)yahoo.com

Suzanne said...

Love your ATC's! Thanks for bringing me to your blog.
Suzanne in Florida, #908

Birgit said...

Hi fellow Disney lover,

Your ATCs are a dream! Thanks for the chance to win one (or two) of them! :)

If a glass bead necklace sounds good, you might want to visit my blog. It would be a pleasure to welcome you there. :)

Greetings from Munich,
# 849

Elsina said...

Awesome give away! Love your ATCS. Thanks for the chance!

Meagan said...

What a lovely giveaway!
Thank you for letting me enter.

meagan515 *at* yahoo *dot* com

Mimi & Nana said...

Your collages are absolutely delicious. Thank you for stopping by our brand new blog, Mimi & Nana... Quiet Questioning. We're so excited about taking part in OWOH. It's been a pleasure visiting so many blogs and seeing what other creative souls are up to.

Enjoy your magic carpet ride!


beenebag said...

Great giveaway item! Please enter me:) Thanks. I can be reached at beenebag@yahoo.com or my blog: http://betweenassignments.blogspot.com

WW said...

I’d love to be entered in your drawing.
Stop by my blogs to be entered in mine.


http://www.thefrogprincess-ww.blogspot.com/ #577
http://www.weinkswonders.blogspot.com/ #602

Paula said...

Beautiful work! I looked through your last several posts and all of your stuff is really nice. Congrats on your great wins from last year and I hope the magic carpet rides brings you more bloggy joy this year!

Teresa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments!

Your designs are lovely and very creative . . . thanks for sharing!

Marigold Manor

Peacefully*Chaotic said...

Hello!Thank you for entering your name for my give away!I love ATC's!
Please add me to your list!
Have a great day!!!

Lisa said...

I love your cards and hope some will be travelling my way - to Canada!

Sares said...

What pretty creations! What an adorable little boy too! Thanks for entering my giveaway, it was a pleasure to meet you on the magic carpet ride!

Paula said...

Your ATCs are charming! Thanks for visiting me (OWOH #799).

Becca Holso said...

thanks for stopping by my blog today =)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Dear Jona, it's a pleasure to meet you through One World One Heart! What a lovely blog you have...it's bright and cheery. :) The items you've created as gifts for One World are so pretty!
I hope you will come visit with me, if you haven't already done so:
Theresa #263

Lululiz said...

Great ATCs! It wasn't until I started visiting the OWOH blogs that I realised there was a whole world of ATC creators out there. I am becoming somewhat addicted to them, I think.

Kathy said...

Your ATCs are beautiful. I love each set equally...LOL! What a beautiful giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win your creative offering.

Please be sure to check out my giveaway with this OWOH event at http://calkatthejewelryjunkie.blogspot.com. #475

Bright blessings from Las Vegas, NV

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Pretty work. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on your magic carpet ride.

Ticket Holder #810

Kathy L said...

What a pretty blog. You have a beautiful son. I would love to win one of your giveaways. Please enter me.

Icela said...

Great work, please enter me in your giveaway.
Thanks for entering my giveaway #791.

sharon said...

I love ATC's and these are beautiful! Thanks for the cahnce to win and for visiting me!

Astrid Maclean said...

What a wonderful give away, please count me in for a chance to win!

If you have time and have not yet done so, please come and visit mine too (154 on the magic carpet)

Greetings from bonny Scotland and enjoy the ride!

Triannas Treasures said...

Thanks for the chance to win, its lovely. Trianna from Victoria Canada. tricklestogether@hotmail.com

Anuan said...

oh wow, i am just into atcs. please enter me into your draw.
and thanks for visiting my blog.

sweetdaisydreams said...

Hi from australia,.wow what a beautiful giveaway, please enter my name,. thank you for dropping by my blog and good luck,.love from Glenda

Bevie said...

It's been so nice visiting your awesome blog, and would love to be added...come visit me too. #717
I'm now following you!!! :)

Bevie said...

gee it didn't take the first time I posted..love you blog and am following now, plz add me then come visit my blog in VA usa

Hope this isn't a duplicate post!!!

Top Floor T said...

Hi from England! Lovely giveaway! Please enter my name, thank you :)

Please visit my blog at #711 on the magic carpet to win a designer Cath Kidston bag, handmade by me!

Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps said...

What a beautiful giveaway. Thank you for participating in OWOH! Please add me to your hat and feel free to visit mine.

SharonP said...

What wonderful ATC's! Please enter me in your giveaway and thank you for entering mine!

Deborah Ann said...

Flying in from Wisconsin...

Your artwork is heavenly! Please enter me to win, and stop by my blog to win my necklace, if you haven't already (#922). Well, I'm off to the next magical destination!

Hugs and Happiness,
Heavenly Humor

Catherine said...

Your ATC's are gorgeous, hope I'll be lucky enough to win one, #3 is especially pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great day!

Emily said...

What a really lovely giveaway! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad OWOH has given me the chance to find all of these fellow bloggers to visit!! ~ Emily x http://blog.theNest.ie

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What lovely gifts you are offering for this event. Your giveaway is terrific! I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing! Thanks for participating in the OWOH event.

visionquest2020 (at) msn (dot) com

Steph said...

What lovely ATCs and blog. Thank you so much for stopping by. I will enjoy visiting again. :)

Grace (WhimsyLoft.Com) said...

Hello, thank u for this opportunity. Great giveaway!
If you have time please feel free to drop by my blog to join my OWOH #293.

Grace (from Malaysia)
My shop: http://www.whimsyloft.etsy.com

Electra said...

I love these ATC's! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win! If you have time, I hope you visit me here

Ria said...

Dear Jona....
So happy to find a friend who live nearby (well, at least...) I am an avid scrapper from Indonesia. :)These ATCs are lovely...
Please count me in!
And do pop in my home to see what I put on my magic carpet!*wink
I am no.950.

Back to your blog for sure. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering your work and for stopping by. Aloha and good luck to all of us.

Shariyah said...

What a lovely gift! I would love to enter... if you haven't already, feel free to enter my give-away at #135 for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes!
Thank you, and nice meeting you!
Peace & Love from New Zealand

Lyneen said...

love your ATCs!

What a wonderful magic carpet ride this has turned out to be. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. GOOD LUCK
OWOH. I am #177 http://dreamingofcastles.blogspot.com/

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Your giveaway is fabulous! I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Lisa :)

CathyH said...

Thanks Jona, I love art cards and these are pretty, so happy you made them for us
lots of love from Tennessee #1035

ozlynda said...

Hi Jona from Victoria, Australia
What great cards you make. I think they are all very good and your enjoy life is wonderful.
Please enter me into the draw.
Thanks Lynda

catieann said...

such a nice give away the cards are beautiful
thank you for visiting my blog and giveaway

Lovey said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my give away! I would like a chance to win yours too...Thanks...Lovey #186

pinkglitterfae said...

both prizes are lovely! I would love a chance to win any of these ATCs, thanks so much for adding my name to your draw

greetings from Canada!

OWOH # 650

Kate said...

Your ATCs are beautiful! I'd love to win won! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Cecilia said...

Joan! Hi!
Salamat for visiting my blog! :) Yay for Filipino's participating in this activity!
Your work is amazing! I'd be honored to own a piece of your work..and your cakes are making me hungry!!

Flora said...

OH Please add me too!!!

Leslie said...

Your ATC's are lovely. Please put my name in the hat!


s hyler said...

I would love to be included in your wonderful drawing.

yasmin sabur said...

Hello from southern California. One World, One Heart. Glad to share the ride with you.


Mallory said...

So sweet! Count me in :)

Tinker said...

Oh sweet ATCs! Please tossmy name into your drawing - and thanks for stopping by So. Calif. to visit me yesterday (#685). Lovely to meet you on the OWOH Magic Carpet ride!


Kansas Amy said...

Please enter me for the great OHOW giveaway! I would love to win!
Thanks for letting me visit!
Stop by to visit me sometime..... http://creativeinkansas.blogspot.com

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