Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy World Cardmaking Day

The world is celebrating the joy of card making and giving cards. I am joining everyone in this wonderful event together with other card makers around the world. In times of crisis and calamity, let love, friendship and caring envelope us and look on the brighter side.

Happy world card making to all crafters of all ages!


Cath said...

Hi Joan! Thanks for sharing your blog with the Moxie Fab World!...and Happy World Card Making Day!


silja said...

You have a very nice blog! And beautiful scrapbooking stuff!
Have a nice world card making day!Greetings from finland!:)

jazsutra said...

your holiday wishes card is too pretty! love it ;) miss you gals at SH too. c u there again soon -jaz

Anonymous said...

Hi Jona! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say "hello!" Happy World Card Making Day to you, too--and here's to its spirit lasting throughout the year!

LG said...

WOW! those are lovely Jonaks! Galing!

melody said...

awesome cards chickie! love that first oen! just scrumptious!