Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Last Lecture

I just finished reading this book by Randy Pausch and I was really inspired by him. For all his strenght and how he made his childhood dreams come to a realization. It just so sad that such a good man left the world so early when he could have contributed so much to computer science and to all of us.

After reading the book, all my childhood dreams came back to my mind and I have been thinking which ones I have acquired so far and if I am near to them.

As a young child, I always wanted to become a pediatrician but then education is so expensive and I learned that i can't handle the grossy stuff medical students does. So I got the Hotel and Restaurant Management degree and earned cake decorating skills with it and other skills like flower arrangement and napkin folding.

I always dreamt to be a princess with a four poster bed. I never got this bed until now. But I will buy that bed when we have our very own home. My mom got one for herself. She's the queen anyway.

I dream of Paris and staying in Ritz Carlton Hotel. Oh, I will do this. Glen and I are saving for our European trip. I just hope we are still young to enjoy the whole trip.

As I grow older, I had more mature dreams and dreams that I know I can accomplish. I wished to have my name in the cake decorating world. I did in our town in Antipolo but I have to stop when I gave birth. I will continue this and I will be working on this together with my dream to have my own cakeshop.

I still dream of diving in Tubattaha. And visiting El Nido, Palawan with my family. I have simple dreams and I live a simple life. I am happy with that.

What are your childhood dreams?

And it is such a nice coincidence that the first challenge at Scrapbook Dreamer is to have a dream in your title. here's a lay-out I did for Zid.

Thanks for looking!

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Melanie said...

My dream was always to travel, overseas as well as around Australia. Slowly I am seeing parts of Australia but still dream of going overseas.

Your layout is stunning, good luck with week 2.